Can't Break Me - Single

by noelle



Preliminary single and B side from the upcoming album Tongue Tied by Noelle


released April 29, 2014

A Bedroom Production



all rights reserved


noelle Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Can't Break Me
Goin' out of my mind
I'm losin' it again
I drink until I'm drunk and I'll sleep when I am dead

Everything's in black and white but all I see is red
You're no ordinary man and I'm just a hot, hot mess
Like broken bones, you can't break me

Everyone wants what they cannot get
Tryin' to find out what they haven't yet and you know
You were the one to love

Racing against the clock
A ticking time bomb is what we are
Everyone stood and stared
I pretend not to care

Maybe I'm the one, the one who's crazy or something
But every night terrible things would happen
Like broken bones, you can't break me

You were trying to forget her
I was lost and so alone
All we wanted was not to feel so low
Track Name: Watery Road
Why be a sailor if you're not romantic
Nothing is better than the cold Atlantic
That's why I'm a sailor
On and on I roam
I'm a long way from home
I must sell my soul to this watery road
That is what I chose
So spend my whole life alone
Never to retire
My millions of bones are burning like fire
That's why I know I'll never be..
Home nothing could possibly go wrong
No matter on deck or down below
Daydreaming under the sun
And my heart will always be young
That's why I'm a sailor
On and on I roam
I've a long way to go
Feel like I'm the only soul on this watery road
That's the life I chose
So spend my whole life alone
No one to require
My millions of bones
Are burning with desire just to float
On and on I roam
Through to the next time zone
No matter how far I go
I will never be home